Transforming £30 Into £6.3million

Posted 18/12/17

Forget Roy of the Rovers. This is the stuff that dreams are made of. One Scot is celebrating more than just St. Andrew’s Day. Just that little bit more and for very good reason. Well, maybe a lot more seeing as how he scooped an eye-popping £6.3million jackpot prize on the Hall of Gods slot.

Take A Kneel, Neil

Good old Neil. Lucky Neil from Aberdeen. Neil, who we’re not jealous of all – yep – that Neil. One night he decided to play online slots for the first time so while his family settled down to watch TV, he put a £30 deposit down on NetEnt’s Hall Of Gods. As the reels spun, the jackpot landed and the brand new member landed the £6,373,373.23 jackpot. Wow.

Neil, now a multi-millionaire, already has plans on what to do with his new winnings. And even that has made us realise how humble he is (damn you, Neil!). He wants to buy a season ticket for Liverpool, buy a holiday home in Tenerife for his parents, take his kids to Disney World and visit his sister in Australia. That it? Nope, he also wants to donate to Macmillan Cancer Research as he’s already a member.

From One Jackpot To The Next

We can’t be jealous of Neil much longer, he’s a top chap who deserves his win. Especially knowing that he won while playing one of the best online slots around, Hall of the Gods. He may have taken the main pool of winnings but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still plenty to be won. The Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams jackpots are well into the millions. So there’s time to win big before Christmas. Like Neil. Good old Neil.