Starburst Vs Starmania

Posted 22/12/17

Stars are funny old things, aren’t they? We’ve got the Star of Bethlehem which is being referenced in nativity plays all across the country around this time of year. The North Star is famous for its use in finding Polaris. And then we have stars put on top of Christmas trees. Stars have their uses but they’re not always exciting. Unless we’re talking their use in super duper online slot games. The Starburst and Starmania do just that as they go tête-à-tête in our five-star slot slam.

Who’s The Real Star?

Starburst comes courtesy of NetEnt and bursts into the ring with its arcade style graphics. Simple yet effective, we have glistening gems such as diamonds and emeralds shining across its five reels and 10 paylines. The Starburst Wilds expand during the free spins round and there’s a possibility to win up to £50,000. Jewels have never been so sexy.

Starburst’s nearest contender is Starmania, another five reel, 10 payline slot, this time coming from NextGen. This slot focuses solely on the stars as they make up the game’s symbols. These stars rotate, animate and bedazzle when they form winning combinations. Stacked Wilds and Free Spins seem very familiar and the jackpot of 4,600 times our stake is particularly alluring. It’s a close call.

Winning The Battle For The Stars…

Both these slots are a great play on the star theme. However, for me, Starmania pips Starburst to the post. It’s got a more joyful feel to it and the actual star symbols and twirling animations really hit home the star factor. We do like Starburst, of course, but perhaps it could be renamed to something more gem-specific? At the moment, it’s making me crave chewy sweets.