Treasures Of Troy Slot

The Treasures of Troy slot machine game is based on the Trojan War if you haven’t guessed by now. The reel art and the backdrop are drawn straight out the modern cinematic view of this ancient occurrence with appropriately stony themes coupled with lavishly distributed coins. You’ve got Helen herself making an appearance, giving you a few words of gravely encouragement with her camp voice tracks straight out of the Elizabeth Taylor school every time something big happens on the reels.

About Treasures Of Troy

The game has forty standard pay-lines, but these aren’t distributed over a standard reel arrangement. Picture each stop space in view as its own independent reel, with a standard forty pay-lines spread across them as if this was a conventional slot. However when you activate the Multiway feature it’s more important to think of each reel as a column of individual reels in order to help you quickly understand how this works. Once you do, you’ll be chasing the symbols across this slot as they drop in one by one like wildfire.

We’ve been dreading this section, where we explain how the Multiway win system works. Basically you have to have four symbols in adjacent columns to activate this feature. Once you’ve hit the win, simply multiply the number of each symbol appearing on each column together to get the number of winning combinations you’ve scored. If the symbols only appear on the first four reels, then it’s the number of four symbol payouts you’ve scored, or if they’re on all five then it’s the number of five symbol payouts you’ll receive.

The Multiway award is made in addition to the standard line award where appropriate, however if there is no standard line award the player still receives a single combination win. As you’d expect, when you hit the big wins you’re rewarded with a massive sound effect that continues over the reel play accompanied by a brief shower of gold coins that will delight any repeat player of the IGT slot family.

The best way to see this is by an example.

Player scores an Achilles Helmet combination.
3 in column 1, 2 in column 2, 4 in column 3 and 3 in column 4 with none on the last reel.
Player scores 100 (standard line win for 4 Achilles Helmet symbol) credit
Player scores 3 x 2 x 4 x 3 (the amount of each Achilles Helmet symbol on each reel multiplied together) combination wins each worth 40 = 72 x 40 = 2880 credits
Total win = 100 +2880 = 2980 credits

The free spin game is activated by stopping in the two Trojan Horse symbols, which in our experience only seem to appear on the middle column of symbols, although these apparently can appear in all three middle columns.

Bonus Features

Once you’ve stopped in the two activating symbols then it’s off to the specially enhanced reels where you’ll get to play out the ten free spins, with a chance to reactivate the bonus if you’re lucky enough to hit in the two Horses again. Stop in three Horses for fifteen spins and four for a massive twenty symbols and if you keep reactivating the bonus then you can reach a maximum of 130 free spins. This bonus game does definitely pay more than the normal reel game and is a massive payer, should you be lucky enough to get on its super high paying reels.

Slot Information
  • SoftwareIGT
  • Play on Mobile?
  • Released2009
  • Reels5
  • Paylines40
  • Coins Range40-40
  • Jackpot5000
  • Bonus Rounds
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The Slot Professor’s Summary

Well, I’ve had a classical education where I read the Homeric works of fiction, and no, I’m not talking about the various Simpsons books that came out periodically at holiday times. I’ve never gone as far as reading James Joyce’s Ulysses because personally to me it looks like an unreadable pile of tripe. Joyce’s so called classical work of fiction isn’t the only thing that’s be born of the epic tale that’s rubbish, there’s also that terrible film starring Brad Pitt together with the utterly awful Treasures of Troy slot; this casino game is a more like a Trojan Donkey masquerading as a Grand National winner.

Yeah I know there’s a massive fan base wanting to play this slot in land based casinos, if you’re a fan of the marketing propaganda. Could this just be more of a reflection on the state of many casual gamers who’re the staple of many a slots house, just passing through after a fun time at the bar looking for a little action and maybe a lucky hit? I like to think that the online market is savvier than that, with serious slot jockeys looking to take their action on much better balanced machines.

To give Treasures of Troy a positive I have watched some players on this slot in Vegas and they’ve hit some massive line wins with the Multiway feature. However, only half of these people managed to judge the tipping point correctly and walk away before losing most of their gains on fifteen to twenty spins (due to the massive spin cost) going straight back to square one.

When you first play Treasures of Troy, you’re thinking this looks like a good slot game, plenty of reel space, plenty of pay-lines, a free spin game and a cool feature where you get 1024 ways to win. However, this soon pales away as you never seem to hit any wins on the reels and despite the fact there is 1024 ways to apparently win, you never seem to hit any of them (do they all require a standard reel win to expand upon?) and the free spin game is ultimately elusive.

The trademark Multiway win system is a step too far and will probably go down in slot history as one of the evolutionary steps that went the way of the Dodo. I’m all about the balance of a slot game, if at the end of the day your new bonus slot with a triple wild multiplier and a free spin game with all wins sextupled that gives forty free spins never hits on the free spin game, it makes for a pretty dull game to play for all the people who have to put in money so this new fangled machine can have that one crazy round.

Where to Play

    100% Bonus up to £100
    + 200 Free Spins
    Terms and Conditions apply. New players only. 18+. 35x wagering applies to Bonus Cash and Free Spins. 100 Starburst Free Spins and 5 Free Spins a day for 20 days credited after deposit & wager of £20+ on slot games.
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