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Another fine spin in the Marine Corps – every pay-out a fortune, every combination a feature in Net Entertainment’s Aliens Slot Machine. Aliens is one of the most popular Sci-Fi slash Horror films of all time. It’s a follow on to Ridley Scott’s famous 1979 film, Alien, which came with the tagline “In space, no one can hear you scream”. The 1986 sequel saw a bunch of crack space marines travel back to the planet where the original monster had been discovered in order to make contact with a colony of humans with whom the authorities had lost contact. It’s this second film on which the Aliens super-slot from Net Entertainment is based.

About Aliens

Graphically the Aliens slot game is a sight to behold. The reels are set in a space age background that’s reminiscent of LV-426, the planet where the space marines land to take on the xenomorphs. This comes complete with swirling winds in a blue colour that almost makes you feel like you could be on the set of the famous James Cameron movie. The reel symbols are made up of the different types Aliens that feature in the film, from the standard nasties all the way through to the face-huggers and the queen, making this into one of the scariest slots you’ll ever spin.

The sound effects are also pretty decent – however this game does lack the epic music from the film, favouring atmospheric orchestral audio that creates a desolate, hopeless feeling appropriate to the struggle of the space marines looking to overturn the Alien menace. In the background you can hear the swirling winds that hound this icy planet, immersing you in the harsh off-world environment where the film takes place. This is a thoroughly engaging slot game that gives you the sense that you’ve stepped out of your living room and into a space age adventure.

The Aliens base game is very simple. There are fifteen pay-lines on which you can make your bets, which are fixed across the game’s five reel structure. You’ll notice that the games controls are based around the motion detector from the film giving you the feeling that you’re actually hunting round the installation on LV-426. This stage of the game is known as the search section, where you’re looking for some xenomorphs to fight. To help you hunt down these nasty creatures there’s a special Wayland-Yutani wild that completes combinations in the normal way.

During the base game any win you achieve is stored in the Alien Activity Meter – a kind of symbol store at the top of the slot’s screen. All symbols included in any win line, with the exception of wilds, are added to this meter and a multiplier is incremented for each winning symbol. Then on successive spins any combinations the player stops in that feature a symbol stored in the Alien Activity Meter are paid out at the listed multiplier.

Following any spin the leftmost symbol in this meter is dropped and the multiplier for this symbol is decreased by one unit. When you’ve seen enough Alien combinations to completely fill the Alien Activity Meter the second stage of the game is triggered – the Encounter level, which is a special kind of free spin bonus.

Bonus Features

During the Encounter level you take on the role of a space marine in a first person shooter environment. In this level you’ll notice a counter at the bottom right hand side of the screen. This is the Ammo Clip Counter, which displays how many spins you have left. All the Alien symbols available in the game are displayed at the top of the screen with any multipliers you’ve collected from the Alien Activity Meter. As you take your free spins in the Encounter level, each one of the Alien symbols is added sequentially to the reels in a three strong winning combination across the middle of the first three reels before, guaranteeing a prize for every spin you take. However, after each spin you’ll see an animation sequence where you marine fights against the Alien featured on the symbol, decreasing the amount of bullets in the Ammo Clip Counter. However, you then get to spin an Ammo Clip Reel to win more bullets to progress all the way through this bonus. If you can defeat all the Aliens you’ll get to the final bonus – the Hive level.

The Hive level is where your space marine takes on the might of the queen from the Aliens movie. Here you’ve got an ammo clip counter similar to the one in the Encounter level, although there’s no way of adding to your ammo. Here you’ll get five chances to throw enough grenades to deplete the Hive Health Meter, displayed at the top of the screen and kill the queen. The Hive Health Meter has four steps on it, each clearly displaying a cash prize. You get five chances to randomly select grenade strength and a multiplier, giving you a score that’s knocked off the health meter. If you go all the way and kill the queen you’ll get the biggest prize available from this bonus, but if not you’ll be paid out an award equivalent to the number of steps achieved.

The top award from any single reel spin or cumulative bonus game action is 570,000 coins, making this a very lucrative little slot machine that could almost gross you as much as the 1986 James Cameron 20th Century Fox film.

Slot Information
  • SoftwareNetEnt
  • Play on Mobile?
  • Released2014
  • Reels5
  • Paylines10
  • Coins Range0.01-2
  • Jackpot1000
  • Bonus Rounds
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The Slot Professor’s Summary

Aliens is one hell of a slot machine. The standard reel game represents the search on the reels for the different types of Alien as you scout around looking for these Sci-Fi nasties. When you’ve found enough of them you’ll have to fight each type in the Encounter level. Prove your worth here in toe to toe combat with the xenomorphs and you’ll be able to take on the huge queen in the biggest bonus available – what a title and what a slot concept. Net Entertainments have completely taken the slot stage by storm here creating a strong yet clever gaming concept that uses the symbols to tell a story. This is one of the most intricate concepts I’ve ever seen – and guess what – it works well.

My only problem with Aliens is that it’s so damn hard to reach the final bonus round. You might argue that this is because the game cannot afford to pay out big winners every time and I believe that this is a fair comment. However, it does create a significant amount of frustration in the whole playing experience, which is the only downside to the game. However, this does equally mean that when you finally reach the final hive, the excitement is even greater.

So do I have any playing tips for Aliens? My advice is to keep your stake small and make sure that you get into the bonus rounds as these are where you’re going to make your money. The standard reel game seems to be a little tight when it comes to the wins and therefore you want to use this section of the game to keep your balance nicely topped up to ensure entry into the Encounter and Hive levels.

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