Mr Green and NetEnt Take 3D Gaming to The Next Level

Posted 13/03/18

Two of the biggest names in online gaming have come together to revolutionise 3D gambling. NetEnt and Mr Green have teamed up to develop the new Live Beyond Live casino product, which will take players to faraway places to play games that are broadcasted to them in real-time.

Live Beyond Live was announced at the ICE Totally Gaming Expo earlier this month, and it has created quite the buzz in the industry. It brings live casino gambling to the next level, allowing players to interact with one another in stylish digital spaces.

“This is a vision coming true,” says Jesper Karrbrink, CEO of Mr Green.. “We all know that the live casino is growing like crazy, it is where the people want to be and we want to take that further so we came up with this idea, Live Beyond Live.”

You can get a sneak peek of this exciting new technology in a preview from Mr Green:

The new Live Beyond Live 3D gambling service takes players to penthouse of the mysterious Mr Green. The Live Beyond Live virtual casino floor features two roulette tables and two blackjack tables, which overlook a beautiful view of Los Angeles. Players can actively interact with the environment, moving from table to table, coming across other patrons and even encounter Mr Green himself.

Currently, there is only one location, but soon players will be able to engage with their favourite live casino games in different exotic locales. NetEnt will add different settings in the future, allowing players to travel the world to play live casino games.

“Who knows, in future we could perhaps play on his yacht in the Mediterranean, in his castle in Scotland, et cetera,” says Karrbrink.

This exciting new innovation aims to take live casino gaming to the next level. We can’t wait to see how this development inspires other software providers.