Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers

Travel down your very own Yellow Brick Road in the superb Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers slot machine.

  • Sequel slot to the hugely successful original WMS Wizard of Oz game
  • Glinda reel feature has the power to pay up to 10x multiplier
  • Three different bonus games available from the scatter system
  • Wizard of Oz characters give different features in free spin round
  • Search for the broomstick on the Witch’s pick a win grid
  • Rack in the rewards for easy money in the crystal ball bonus

The Wizard of Oz: Ruby Slippers draws on the classic 1950s Judy Garland film in the same way as the original Wizard of Oz WMS slot. This means that you get full on cinematic clips when you hit winning combinations of symbols on the reels, and unsurprisingly the main characters such as the Cowardly Lion, the Tinman and Toto make up the reel icons here. That’s not to say that this game’s visuals are in any way a disappointment – the base-game grid is set in a rich, emerald coloured background that has a few hints of the countryside around the yellow brick road embedded in its glass-like exterior. There are whole scene changes available when you get into the sub-games and there’s a real dash of elegance about the high levels of production that have been stuffed into every aspect of this game.

Unlike many other WMS slots, the Wizard of Oz: Ruby Slippers has a very advanced soundtrack. This uses samples of speech from the film together with a wonderful audio palette that’s full of swishes, high string lines giving the proceedings a delightful schmaltzy feel. The acoustic atmosphere here is second to none, creating a very strong theme that’s instantly identifiable and accessible at the same time. The only question we’re left asking is why can’t WMS do this on all their slot machines?

Time to take a look at the base game – The Wizard of Oz: Ruby Slippers. You’ve got a standard casino slot structure that plays over 30 pay-lines. As with most of the WMS slots you can increment the amount spend per line in pennies allowing you to fine tune the amount you’re spending on every spin. The base game is backed with a number of specials, which includes character scatters that have different effects in the multiple bonus rounds on offer from this game, together with a wild symbol that’ll help you make up your winning combinations.

When you’re playing on the standard base-game in The Wizard of Oz: Ruby Slippers, Glinda the Good Witch can appear at any time to grant you a magical reel feature that’s simply out of this world. You’ll get a hint that this bonus is coming as the panel next to the spin button will turn into a little screen that plays an animation of Dorothy clicking her heels together three times. This summons Glinda, who’ll wave her magic wand to turn a number of reels completely wild and then the remaining standard reels will lock into place. Then, before your final payout is calculated, Glinda will appear again to grant you a multiplier that’s applied to your combination prizes, which could be as much as 10x.

If you can hit two or more scatters anywhere in view on the first four reels of The Wizard of Oz: Ruby Slippers and the Wizard of Oz himself on the final reel then you’ll activate the free spin round. Before you go off to the second set of free spin reels, one reel will spin to reveal your special character bonus that will be in play for the duration of the feature. These range from the Cowardly Lion award that will give you a free wild reel on every spin, to Dorothy who will double your starting amount of free spins.

Hit three or more scatters with the Wicked Witch on the last reel and you’ll be transported to a special second screen sub-game where you have to find the Witch’s broom. This is much like any grid styled game where you pick up different symbols to reveal prizes – avoid the witch however or you’ll lose a life, which could end your round. To help you on your winning ways you’ll receive an additional bonus based on the first character scatter used to activate this round.

Stop in two or more triggering symbols on the first four reels of The Wizard of Oz: Ruby Slippers and the crystal ball scatter on the last reel to activate the special crystal ball bonus. A large crystal ball will take prominence in the middle of the screen, where characters based on your activating scatters will flash up, each paying a set multiplier bonus on your stake until the Wicked Witch appears, ending the round.

Slot Professor Says


Wizard of Oz: Ruby Slippers is another top game from WMS. It seems they are prepared to put their top designers and developers on their Wizard of Oz series games and this is definitely one gamble that’s paying off. When you look at the presentation of these machines compared to many others that have come out of their stable, you can see that there’s been a lot more time and effort put into their looks and sounds – a great place to start.

Then you move onto the brilliant bonus games offered by this top class slot machine. You’ve got so much bonus action here it’s simply untrue – from the wide range of second screen games through to the free spin round that never fails to surprise with the different character features that can twist the bonus in different directions, there’s a ton of excitement waiting behind the reels. The best thing about this is the way the WMS slot sorcerers have managed to create an awesome balance to this machine, giving you lots of winning opportunities that pay out great prizes. To the uninitiated this might sound like quite a simple ask, but those in the know will tell you it’s hard to fine tune a game to pay out all the time and not let the prizes turn weak.

As a final note, what kind of strategy tips can I give you? Despite the big amount of bonuses on offer from this game, it’s not always easy to hit the big feature. In fact I’d argue that the Glinda bonus can be one of the most lucrative parts of the game – therefore my tip has to be consider cashing out after a mega big Glinda win as this is one of the top rewards you’ll receive from this slot.