Orc Vs Elf


Choose your champion as you enter the fray with the titanic fantasy RTG Orc Vs Elf Slot Machine here.

Orc Vs Elf Features

  • Select Orc or Elf mode for access to different mechanisms and features
  • Expanding wilds on the first and last reels of the base-game
  • Seven different feature games for each champion in a trail arrangement
  • Take a feature or play on for even more rewards in the next feature game
  • Can re-choose your champion after selecting and playing out a feature game
  • Feature games offer free spins with wilds, bonuses and random prizes
  • Use the Orc Vs Elf Battle for quick and easy access to the bonus rounds

Orc vs Elf is definitely a slot machine that pays homage to the famous Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings films. The graphics on the reels are highly detailed in contrast to many of the RTG slots, which as a rule tend to use classic casino cartoon styling. Elf and Orc sprites stand to either side of the reels giving the game a full on 3D effect that’s instantly immersive alongside a very impressive backdrop. This is right up there with some of the best designed slots you’ll find on the web.

Musically there’s everything you could want on Orc vs Elf too. Atmospheric effects play in the background and there’s special spin music too. You can still hear the old school Real Time Gaming mechanical stop sounds in the background conferring that this is definitely a title from this top online slot production company. The feature rounds come with their own audio too giving you a surprising experience that will never grow old.

The Orc Vs Elf online slot machine gives you a choice of playing in Orc or Elf mode when you first load up the slot machine. You can choose your champion again after activating a feature round, with some players claiming that the Orc features seem to trigger more frequently than the Elf features. If you choose the Orc mode then the Orc wild will expand on reel one to fill the entire reel, and the Elf mode offers a similar feature on the last reel of the game.

Base-game wise you’re looking at a standard casino reel set up in Orc vs Elf with twenty five pay-lines spread across the grid. This is a simple affair that comes with all the usual bet controls allowing you to fine tune your wager, and in addition to the game’s wild symbols, there are also two different scatter symbols that hold the keys to the huge array of bonus features available. The first is the shield scatter that activates the special feature trail and then there’s the battle scatter that takes you into the fight round.

With both the special character bonus rounds available on Orc vs Elf there are seven stages presented as a feature trail. When you hit the scatter bonus triggers you can either decide to accept the feature, or reject it in the hope of advancing further down the feature trail. If you accept any feature, then the trail resets after you’ve played it, and if you reject a feature, then you can choose to accept it any time before the next feature triggers. This becomes a gamble of whether or not you accept the feature or try to play on looking for more rewards.

When you are playing as the Orc, three or more of the Orc shield scatters triggers the special Road to Orcholme feature. The following stages are available here:

Goblin’s Gold – This gives you five free spins of the reels where any combinations of the so-called Darking symbols – that is any symbol related to the Orc army – payout double the standard prizes.

Hobgoblin – This is the same as the Goblin’s Gold feature, however you get six free spins instead of the standard five and two scatter symbols anywhere in view will earn you an extra free spin.

Orc Army – The same rules apply as per the Hobgoblin feature, except for a mechanism whereby the Orc forts become extra wilds if the Orc symbol appears anywhere in view.

Orc Horde – This bonus builds on the Orc Army feature, and to ramp up the action on offer here an extra Orc is added to the first reel ensuring that the Orc fort symbols become wilds on every spin.

Giant Spins – Here you receive all the same extra mechanisms as are present in the Orc Horde feature, but here all Darkling symbols pay out triple their standard prize.

Chaos Spins – This operates in the same manner as the Giants spins function, but you start with seven spins instead of six. Extra spins can still be earned here by hitting two scatters.

Orc Onslaught – This final bonus round puts together all the features of the previous bonuses, with the final spin becoming a super-spin where the Orc symbol covers the entire first reel.

When you are playing as the Elf, three or more Elf scatters triggers the Road to Elveros feature. This gives you the following seven bonus stages:

Woodland spins – This is the lowest level of the Elf’s bonus giving you a simple six free spins on the standard set of reels.

Elf Magic – The second stage of the Elf bonus is the same as the Woodland spins and as an additional mechanism an extra wild will appear on one of the middle reels following every spin.

Huntsman – This is essentially the same bonus as the Elf Magic feature, only you now receive seven free spins and if you hit an Orc on reel one and Elf will appear and shoot it – giving you a bonus of up to 200x your stake.

Ancient Archer – This takes the Huntsman bonus and adds a further feature – your Elf will shoot any wolf symbol that appears on the reels giving you a bonus of up to 100x your stake.

Archmage – Here you receive all the same features as the Huntsman bonus and after every spin a further one or two extra wilds to help boost the winning combinations on the reels.

Forestal – This is the same as the Archmage bonus only now any Elf you hit will award an instant super-spin, with three extra wilds added to the reels when it stops in on the grid. Also all the wolf and Orc bonuses are doubled here.

Elf King – This gives you all the features of the Forestal feature, you also however receive eight free spins and any super-spin you land also gives you an extra wild on the last reel.

When you hit the three Battle scatters necessary to activate the battle bonus on the middle three reels, this triggers an animation where you watch an Orc battle an Elf. The first to three victory points wins and if your chosen champion is on top then you’ll be awarded a special bonus. If they lose then you’ll be given a consolation prize of between 2x – 10x your activating stake.

Orc Wins – If you are the Orc and you win 3-0 then you’re awarded the Orc Onslaught feature. If you win 3-1, you’ll win the Giant Spins and if you win 3-2 you’ll receive the Orc Army feature.

Elf Wins – If you are the Elf and you win 3-0 then you’re awarded the Elf King feature. If you win 3-1, you’ll win the Archmage feature and if you win 3-2 then you’ll receive the Huntsman feature.

Slot Professor Says


Wow, it looks like RTG have done it – they’ve pulled out an online slot machine that has what it takes to deal with the big boys of the industry. This is a game that has everything ranging from a whole clever slew of bonus features through to top notch graphics and sonics. It offers you an awesome playing experience with a huge array of facets – you’ll want to play it all the way through just so you can see them all.

My only criticism of the Orc vs Elf slot machine has to be whether or not this game is too big? Part of me loves the huge amount of features that are available from the reels and there’s certainly loads of win packed into this game making it one of the best slots out there – comparable with games like Avalon II and Jack and the Beanstalk. However could there have been more imagination in these multiple features, or are they all a bit too similar and does that mean that there’s not enough to completely satisfy the player? I don’t know, but one thing is for sure, which is that I’m having fun trying to work out the answer to this question.

The best thing about the Orc vs Elf bonuses is that they offer players a kind of fruit machine conundrum without the bad side. On pub machines you can accept bonuses or try to play for more – on this slot machine you can reject features without worry as you can accept them later in the game. This is a truly clever little innovation that I expect to see copied on many online slot machines in the future – but I will always remember where I saw it first.