Monopoly With Pass Go Bonus

Monopoly Pass Go Bonus is the sister slot to the popular Monopoly Here & Now. Both games have been a massive hit with the gaming public all over the world. As the Monopoly brand is one that’s instantly recognisable and is associated in people’s minds with the accruement of wealth.

This is a nine line slot, so the maximum bet is only 45 credits, making this a very cost effective slot that’s a good payer. The fast reel action is nicely broken up by the second screen sub game, which should make this casino themed slot appeal to the fruit machine monkeys out there. When the game starts up you get to choose your very own Monopoly playing piece that’ll be used when you get onto the board game later. Alongside the conventional Monopoly pieces (such as the Top Hat) there are also a wealth of new school playing pieces so you can chose something a little more modern, such as a skateboard or a London bus with which to traverse the famous streets of the Monopoly board.

Graphically, Monopoly Pass Go Bonus is not the prettiest slot on the gambling catwalk. This is a game that uses simple reel motifs, including fruit symbols and a Monopoly money symbol that acts just like an old fashioned ‘Bar’. Amongst the oranges, blackberries and coloured notes you also find Monopoly deeds, which again work in the same way as the bar symbol, with prizes awarded for similar and differing combinations, a Monopoly symbol that pays for combinations of one or more (and gives the game’s jackpot) and of course the standard slot Wild Symbol.

The game also has two special symbols, an ‘Instant Win’ symbol, which awards the Community Chest bonus and a Dice symbol that controls access to the Pass Go bonus board feature. The Monopoly Pass Go Bonus slot has two standard sub games. The first is the Community Chest bonus that is activated when the player scatters in three or more of the appropriate card symbols on the reels. You’re then given a choice of which of the activating symbols you wish to pick, with this revealing a multiplier that’s then applied to your original stake. As with all games of this nature, you get to see what you could have won if you’d picked a different symbol, as all prizes are revealed before you return to the reel spin game. The second bonus is the Monopoly Pass Go Bonus slot’s signature game and uses a cut down version of the classic property trading board.

This is one version of Monopoly where there are no penalties and even the Jail square has the potential to give the player prizes. The board is a five by five affair with the Jail, Free Parking, Go and Go to Jail squares in their familiar corners. Find out how many rolls of the dice you’ll be taking into this game by selecting one of the three activating dice symbols; however you do get to see what you could have won when all rolls behind the dice are revealed. The board game is very simple. The game is called Pass Go Bonus because you get a multiplier bonus every time you Pass Go, the first time gives you a multiplier of 2x and the second time a multiplier of 3x.

Taking the number of rolls you’ve scored from the activating dice, you roll to traverse the chopped down version of the Monopoly board. Every time you land on a square you get a bonus, even when you get sent to jail. Stop on the Free Parking square to be randomly awarded a prize, stop on the chance square to be sent somewhere on the board or paid a small prize, and if you end up going to jail, you can even win money there. When you’re in jail you still have to roll a double to get out, but the quicker you roll the double, the greater the prize is when you escape from the game. Then, when you’ve finished taking all your rolls, it’s a case of take your prizes, add ‘em all up and then apply the Pass Go multiplier and you’ve got the prize amount you’ll be taking your prize back to the reels.

Slot Professor Says


You know what? This is a great game and I enjoy playing it from time to time, however I simply prefer Monopoly Here and Now. Pass Go Bonus has these fruit on the reels and a kind of lacklustre audio and when you compare it to the other big Monopoly slot, for me it just doesn’t measure up.

Sure you’ve got a really good bonus game that pays well when occasionally the Here & Now bonus game can seem to repeatedly send you to jail, but it lacks the fun of the persistent equity and the full featured board game. I’d say that anyone looking to play a Monopoly gambling game wants elements of the original board game and the more elements that you give Monopoly fans, the better received your game will be.

So basically yes, if I’ve had a bad day at the races or I’m still waiting for that cheque to come through from the University of Wisconsin’s Mathematics and Probability section, or if my auction of antique French nudie drawings didn’t fetch quite what I expected then its off to the nine line fun of Monopoly Pass Go bonus. This slot game is best at being a great economy slot with only nine lines that offers a great bonus game without the big spend of slots like Monopoly Here & Now or the dry action of a slot that’s not so colourful such as Monopoly Multiplier.