Monopoly Plus

The Monopoly Plus Slot Machine is the first game to feature IGT’s special unlockable content with the Level Up Plus system. You’ve got a standard five reel set up with thirty fixed pay-lines and the usual special symbol suspects in the form of a wild  a scatter to help you get in the prizes here.

Monopoly Plus Features

  1. Highly volatile – likes to pay out the big wins
  2. Total Monopoly reel art and feel to the game – no poker symbols
  3. Brilliant take on the classic Monopoly slot formula
  4. Level Up in the board game bonus round for bigger prizes
  5. Hit properties in the board game bonus for mini slot action
  6. Mr Monopoly wild reel feature can pay out the big prizes
  7. Loads of additional gamble games in the bonus round

There are a lot of prizes available off the reels, but the winning potential here is greatly increased when you take into account the special wild reel feature. This sees good old Mr Monopoly (or Rich Uncle Pennybags for the old school amongst us) march onto the grid and change entire reels into wilds at the stroke of his fancy cane. This is the key to hitting the big wins off the reels.

The Monopoly Plus bonus game is based on the gift that keeps on giving – the classic board based feature. This is activated when you hit three of the special dice scatters that feature on the first, third and fifth reels of the game. Choose one of these scatters to reveal the number of rolls you’ll be taking into the second screen feature and it’s off to chase the money.

It’s when you’re in the Monopoly Plus board game based bonus round that the Level Up Plus technology comes into full effect. In this feature you’ll receive Monopoly Money that’s distinct from your cash. This is used to pump up a meter that you’ll see on the right side of the screen. When this has been filled completely, you’ll jump up a level and get more rewards from the bonus.

You start the Monopoly Plus bonus round on the Go square, and you’re paid out prizes for getting all the way round the board and passing this square again, just like in the traditional game of Monopoly. Unlike some of the other Monopoly games, you’re awarded additional rolls for rolling a double, and its nice to see that IGT have finally included this feature.

You can hit the Community Chest and Chance squares in the Monopoly Plus board game bonus. These usually either move you to a location, award you with a number of additional rolls (this is the best outcome) or send you to jail. One of the income tax squares that you’ll see on the conventional Monopoly board has been removed in favour of a Community Chest square, giving you more chances to hit this card draw feature.

Go to Jail and you’ll get three rolls of the dice (these are separate from the rolls that take you round the board) to score a double. If you can manage this none too difficult feat then you’ll be rewarded with a bonus equal to 300x your stake amount, before you leave your incarceration and make your way further round the Monopoly board.

Property squares on Monopoly Plus don’t force you to pay rent, instead they force you to play slots. Here you’ll get to spin the reels of a three reel mini slot machine. These can not only award you with big cash prizes, but if you stop in dice anywhere on the reels you can also win additional rolls.

As you progress round the board, the prizes on offer, as well as the wild multipliers featured in each mini-slot get better and better. That’s not all either, as when you level up in some of the later levels, certain properties will be selected as ‘hot’ slot machines that will pay an additional multiplier on any prize they award.

The Level Up bonus include opening up more wilds on the mini-slot machines, different in game ‘movers’ (in the UK we call these playing pieces) and the ability to travel round the board using train stations. IGT have really hit the levels just right – there’s just the right amount of bonus action available from the point you load up this slot for the very first time, through to the

Slot Professor Says


You've got to love Monopoly Plus. This is a great slot game that packs a lot of payout in the bonus round and you can grab a lot of cash from the reels here too. I love the idea of the unlockable content and I hope we see many more Level Up Plus slots from IGT in the future.Some critics out there argue that Monopoly Plus only came into being because the slot machine it's based on, Monopoly You're In The Money, wasn't a big enough hit with punters.

I'd probably go with this analysis as this game didn't really offer anything that we hadn't seen before in Monopoly Here and Now, which in my opinion is a better game. However, IGT have improved upon the original blueprint laid down by Monopoly You're In The Money, not just by adding unlock-able content, but I also suspect by improving the mathematical model lurking behind the reels of this slot machine. Although you now only get 2, 3 or 4 rolls in the bonus round, there's loads of stuff that happens in this round to give you extra rolls.

The reel game seems much more generous than before and there's so much more to hit now in the bonus when you get past the first few levels. Monopoly Plus is admittedly one of those slot machines that you have to play over a number of sessions in order to get the best out of it, due to the Level Up Plus technology, but even on the lowest levels its a lot of fun and there's some big money on the reels. Especially if you can't hit some of the mini slot jackpots on offer.