Monopoly Mega Jackpots


Everything that you loved about Monopoly slot game is available here with the Monopoly Megajackpots slot game, with that little bit more. Whilst many people think that most Megajackpots slot games are created by taking a standard slot game then adding the extra symbols and progressive jackpot necessary.

I would argue (surprise surprise) that the Monopoly with Pass Go Bonus is a cut down version of the Monopoly Megajackpots slot.

As with all the Megajackpots games you’ve got to bet the maximum in order to qualify for the big prize here. The same rules apply as with all these big progressive slots, so you have to stop in the five big symbols on the central pay-line in order to secure that life changing win.

The wild in the game has been removed in order to make space for the Megajackpots symbol, but don’t worry, this now acts as the game’s wild substituting for any other symbol in order to help you make the line combinations necessary to win the prizes.

One of the best things about Monopoly Megajackpots is that the Community Chest bonus game has been dropped in favour of a much more appropriate free spin game. Not only does this give you many more chances to hit the Megajackpots prize, but also will unquestionably boost your bank balance.

This is a great improvement on the original slot game, which just used a simple ‘pick me’ style reel game to deliver a prize. The board game inspired second screen offering has survived completely intact however, which will delight fans of the original as this wonderful cut down version of the Monopoly board was a stand out part of the Pass Go Bonus slot.

Slot Professor Says


Oh how I used to love those games at Monopoly at the Slots Prof household every Christmas, where if someone would lose or roll a bad number, landing on Bond Street with mum’s hotel on it, up the board would go in the air, with all the pieces flying everywhere. This ingenious trick allowed you to get a quick slap off grandma, ensuring that you walked away with your game pride still intact, having managed to quite successfully wasted everyone’s Christmas afternoon, but that didn’t really matter because everyone was wasted on Christmas afternoon.

Quite what this has to do with Monopoly Megajackpots, I don’t know, but I felt it was somehow relevant. Maybe this Christmas I’ll drink the bottles of scotch my numerous gambling media clients send me and board myself up in the study playing Monopoly Megajackpots before I get so hammered I throw the PC out of the window.

OK, now I’ve managed to get that out of my delicate system, what do I think of the Monopoly Megajackpots machine? Well, in my not so humble opinion I’d rate it as the best of all the Megajackpots slots as it not only manages to give you the standard free spin game that all the Megajackpots games offer in order to give you all those free spin chances at the jackpot, but it also packs the signature Pass Go bonus game that made the original nine pay-line slot so successful

Whilst the Cluedo and Cleopatra games have many of the original features, neither packs as many features and extras alongside the Megajackpots opportunity, making it stand out as the best of the pack. Alongside all of this, when you also consider that this Megajackpots slot only has nine pay-lines as opposed to the twenty or so with the other slots in the series, you’ll realise this is probably the most cost effective of all these slots to play. I’d personally say if you want to play Cluedo or Cleopatra stick to the original machines and if you’re looking for a Megajackpots machine for the night then this is the one to stick to.