Monopoly Here & Now

The Monopoly Here & Now Slot Machine was released at the same time as the board game was updated to the Here & Now edition. This update saw currency reworked into more modern amounts, replacing the original £1,500 with a £15 million starting stack with players receiving a modes £2 million just for passing go.

Monopoly Here & Now is a slot game that’s simply stacked with bonus features. However just because the game has some of the best sub game action of any slot casino based or otherwise, this doesn’t mean that the game’s superb graphics and audio should be overlooked, with audio tracks that incorporate slick, sleazy jazz themes and highly polished graphics. Hitting the big reel prizes sparks a crooner-like vocal telling you that “I feel like Mr Lucky tonight”.

The reels are set in a big city background complete with celebratory fireworks as Mr Monopoly himself is in the house tonight, at the top of the screen as part of the Here & Now logo. Reel symbols include different types of property, poker symbols and a Monopoly wild, which works as you would expect any slot machine wild to work. The top prize is reserved for the Mr Monopoly jackpot symbol that always pays no matter how small the combination giving payouts for one symbol or more.

The Monopoly Here & Now slot game is simply awash with bonus symbols and scatters. The dice symbol is available on the first three reels and when you hit three on any pay-line you gain access to the game’s bonus board feature. Free Parking symbols appear on the last three reels in three colours and these contribute to the different valued jackpots that are accessed through the bonus board’s Free Parking sub game.

The deed symbols that control the persistent equity appear attached to some of the poker symbols on the first three reels, so if you’re lucky enough to stop in three deeds on any pay-line you’ll see Mr Monopoly reach into his jacket, pulling out a deed at random for any of the properties on the board, with different properties (apartment, 2 apartments, hotel etc.) selected for different bet amounts. Both the deeds and the Free Parking jackpots accumulate until you hit the three dice necessary for the board bonus, where you’ll get the chance to cash in on your hard work on the reels.

Included in this slot is the kind of gambling game that all slot jockeys love. Take any small win with a hit of the gamble button onto a second screen that allows you to bet any award of less than 3,000 credits on a fair game of double or nothing. Simply choose which colour you think the next card drawn from the back will be in order to get twice your money back or lose it all.

When you stop in the three dice symbols necessary on any pay-line to activate the board game bonus, you get to pick one die, which reveals how many rolls you’ll be taking with you into the round. Once you’ve chosen your die however, the number of rolls under the unselected dice are then revealed letting you know how many rolls you could have won.

You then pick your playing piece from the new school selection that includes a mobile phone and a skateboard before moving onto the classic Monopoly board. Here, Mr Monopoly rolls the dice for you and then your playing piece moves automatically with you picking up a multiplier win for any valued square you land on (such as a utility, property or station) together with a bonus for any property you might have developed on that square from the reel game’s deed feature.

Hit the Go square and you’ll be given another roll of the dice with the Go to Jail square taking you straight into the prison square where you have to use up your rolls until you hit a double or complete three turns, whichever comes first. Finally, there’s the clever little Free Parking game that’s activated unsurprisingly by landing on the Free Parking square.

This sub game sees you racing three different coloured cars, as they compete for the three different sized jackpots that have accumulated during the reel game. Spin a wheel and stop on the appropriate colour to advance the cars towards the jackpot, with three stops on any colour enough to win the similarly coloured jackpot prize.

Slot Professor Says


Monopoly Here & Now is one of the most feature laden slots that you’ll play in today’s internet casinos. This is a slot that will therefore definitely appeal to most UK pub fruity fans who like their bonus games, as well as innovative persistent prizes that can be gathered up throughout the game.

There certainly has been a proliferation of Monopoly based betting games, fruit machines and quiz games in the UK over the past few years as Barcrest has tried to cash in on their Monopoly license. Monopoly Here and Now is without a doubt the best prize machine we’ve played on out of all the Monopoly games that are available or ever have been available.

Now that we’ve established that Monopoly Here & Now is one of our favourite slot games, we’d like to point out that this is certainly down to the fact it’s one of the most fun slot games available for online play. The important thing to remember however with this slot is that a lot of the money has been put onto the bonus board, so you’ll want to get onto the board based bonus before spinning all your coins away on the standard reel game.

I suggest as we’ve suggested many times before that you make sure you’re in this slot game for the long haul and you’ve taken into account the size of your bank balance alongside your bet size in order to make sure you get yourself onto the all important board game bonus round.