Marines is the perfect slot machine for fans of films like Starship Troopers and Aliens. It’s got that whole space age feel to the reels, with digitally embossed poker symbols and high tech items making up the reel art, which sits in a grid that looks like it could be from some kind of futuristic galaxy-hopping escort frigate.

This is backed by futuristic noises that sound like they’re the knocks and electronic whispers that one would hear on-board a deep space traveling craft.

    Marines Features

  1. Space age theme gives Marines a thrilling atmosphere
  2. Choose from eight different second screen games
  3. Excellent graphics and sonics really set the scene
  4. Randomly awarded reel feature can pay big
  5. Free spin round never stops as long as there’s a wild in view

You only have to make one bet on Marines (the minimum is just 10p per spin) to activate the game’s ten pay-lines. You can hold down the space bar to activate the fast spin mode and you can even stop the reels in one by one, using the special stop buttons that you’ll see at the bottom of each whilst they’re spinning. Once the reels have stopped in place, you can even use the mouse to push them up and down, giving you an idea of what symbols come where and your chances of hitting that big line pay-out.

You can grab yourself a chunk of cash worth between 10x and 25x your activating stake on Marines, just by stopping in a special symbol on the middle reel, giving you an instant cash pay-out. Whilst the reel awards for the normal line pay-outs tend to be quite small in comparison to your stake, this is a truly excellent way to get a big win out of this machine. This is very similar to the ‘Shoot the Alien’ feature where you simply have to click on an alien that jumps out of the reels to receive a similar prize to the middle reel feature.

There are three special symbols that populate the reels alongside the prize paying icons in Marines. These are the wild symbol, which acts as you’d expect, substituting where-ever it can to help you get those big prize paying combinations. There’s also two scatters, the first being the bonus scatter, which takes you into the special bonus bay, with the second, the free spin scatter, giving you an instant win of 5x your stake and giving you access to a free spin round where the spins keep on coming as long as you’ve got a wild in view.

When you hit three bonus scatters anywhere on the reels you’ll be taken to a special bonus room. Here you get a choice of an unbelievable five different features, based on the kind of manoeuvres that a bunch of hardened space marines might have to perform in their day to day fight against the alien forces that lurk in the darkened corners of the universe.

The first bonus sees you visiting the ships armory, where you get to pick the supplies you’ll need in battle – a traditional pick me game where objects award prizes. After this there’s a choice of diffusing a bomb, where you cut wires for cash, and three individual shooting bonuses where you can grab the money for hitting your target.

We were very impressed with Marines. This is a slot machine that’s absolutely dripping with features and bonuses. We don’t think the developers could have crammed any more into this game if they’d tried. It’s not all waiting for the bonus rounds to hit either, as there’s loads of action in the standard reel game. Well balanced, great artwork and sounds, and tons of surprises, what’s not to like about this brilliant little slot machine?

Slot Professor Says

At first I was completely taken with the idea of the Marines slot machine, then when I actually sat down and played this beast of a game I was more impressed than I first thought I'd be. Even though it doesn't really make a difference to your wins – I absolutely love the fact that you can stop in the reels whenever you like and the fact that you can then pull them up and down to actually see that these are REAL reels totally appeals to me. There is a wealth of bonus game action available on Marines. Some might say there are too many bonuses and the developers could have reigned it in a bit in order to give less bonuses with more action, but do you know what, I disagree. Whilst none of the bonuses are amazingly awesome, they do have a bit of a storyline to them and I kind of like that in a slot. Even though games are about the money and the pay-out I love it when a machine like Marines gives you a bit of that old school coin op arcade flavour.

So yes, I'm going to be playing Marines again. Will it ever be a favourite of mine – doubtful, but that shouldn't dissuade you from giving this a damn good go. A better than average game that's got the fun factor in spades.