Love Boat

Get on-board The Love Boat slot machine as you travel to an exotic destination filled with spins, bonuses and a chance to win your own Dream Cruise draw.

The Love Boat Features

  • Fun Playtech slot machine based on the famous 1980s TV show
  • Dream ticket draw gives you a chance to win a massive jackpot
  • Locked wilds in the Love Doctor’s free spin round can lead to some titanic payouts
  • Second screen matchup bonus pays big prizes for selecting the right couple
  • Top quality music helps set the scene alongside rich media photo-graphics on the reels

If you like your 1980s TV shows then you’ll no doubt have heard of The Love Boat. You can now climb onboard this epic vessel in Playtech’s slot of the same name, which gives you a slew of chances to get romantically involved with some big spins and even bigger wins.

The music on The Love Boat is straight off the TV show. You’ve got a glorious, upbeat theme tune that plays best when the machine is set up in the auto-spin mode, keeping the melody alive across several plays. As you’d expect, this high quality sonic production comes complete with plenty of win activation sounds and feature game tunes, giving each bonus mechanic its own flavour and unique style.

Equally, the graphics on offer from The Love Boat all originate from the television series. You’ve got a generic blue background to denote the life on the ocean waves, but you’ll want to couple up with the excellent reel symbols here – these are made from icons from the show as well as the main characters. The feature games are well drawn and have been created in line with the rest of the slot’s style, giving this slot an overall look that’s simply superb.

The Love Boat’s base game is as simple as they come – you’ve got a twenty five line betting board that works over a five reel format. As with many Playtech slot machines you’ve got the option to make a skill stop double click to speed through your spins, or you can simply click the game onto turbo mode, which allows fast play. In classic slot machine style you’ve got a bunch of specials that’ll help you take your game to the next level, including a wild symbol to help you complete winning combinations and three different scatters that hold the keys to this game’s bonus action.

Hit three of the ships capstan symbols on The Love Boat slot machine and you’ll be taken to the second screen Matchup Bonus. Here you’ll have to pick the silhouetted outline of a female figure, which will give you a cash value, and then a male figure, which also comes with a cash value attached to it, and then you get to wait whilst the love-o-meter rates your match. The better suited the couple are the higher the multiplier that’ll be applied to your couple’s combined cash value. This is always 1x for a low match, 3x for a middle match and if you can hit the high note then you’ll receive a multiplier of 5x.

In order to get into The Love Doctor free games you’ll need to hit three or more of the Love Boat scatters anywhere in view on the base game grid. This gives you ten free spins as standard that you’ll get to take on a special second set of reels – here stopping in the love doctor’s symbol will win you extra bonuses ranging from frozen wilds that lock in place on the reels through to additional free spins, all of which are charted out on a special meter on the left hand side of the grid. Get all the way to the top of this meter and you’ll get a 3x multiplier on all your subsequent reel wins – when you put this together with the frozen wilds this can turn into a hugely lucrative feature that has the power to knock out the big wins.

The Love Boat features a rather innovative final feature. If you can stop in the special ticket scatter on the fifth reel then you’ll receive on ticket for the Love Boat slot’s prize Dream Cruise prize draw. You can see the date and time of this on the large ticket graphic that’s located to the right of the reels. In classic slot style the more money you spend on each spin, the greater your chance of grabbing a winning ticket. Then when it’s time for the draw you get a special display where all your tickets are listed on the screen – each ticket has its own individual number. Single numbers are drawn lottery style from a virtual hat and as the draw progresses, the tickets in your possession that have no chance of winning will be blacked out after each draw. If you’re lucky enough to be holding the one golden ticket at the end of the Dream Cruise prize draw process then you’ll be walking off with a cool ten grand.

Slot Professor Says


The actual Love Boat series was a little before my time, but in my opinion the slot machine based on this famous TV show is bang on the money. Although the reel set up is a little on the basic side, there are so many different ways to win in this game that you’re almost guaranteed to have a good time if you manage to budget for a good session at this game’s reels.

I have never seen a bonus round quite like the Dream Cruise prize draw. This is a really fun take on the slot machine feature round and you get a fun feeling from waiting out for the prize draw then watching the numbers come in – even if you don’t win – as it’s all about that wonderful rush of anticipation. Combine this with the Love Doctor’s free spin round, which is one of those bonus rounds that never seems to fail to pay a fairly good reward with its frozen wilds and you’ve got a slot machine that has a lot of win in its reels. With very few multipliers on the case and not too many gimmicks, there’s even a lot of money available from the reels if you can manage to hit a big paying five strong combination.

The Love Boat does seem like another slot where you’ll want to make sure that you get into the bonus round. Play for the features and adjust your stake amount accordingly – you’ll be well rewarded in any of them, so be careful to ensure that you get your pay-day. There are tons of wins available in every single compartment of this game so make sure that you stowaway some of this great cash prizes on offer from this slot in your casino bankroll.