Little Red Riding Hood

Take a wander through the woods for a spin on the Little Red Riding Hood Slot Machine.

Little Red Riding Hood Features

  1. Excellent title that borrows formula from IGT’s legendary Wolf Run
  2. Superb graphics with an excellent dynamic background
  3. Two cool and clever bonus features
  4. Stacked wilds give you a chance to hit the big time multiple pay-outs

It’s one of the best known fairy tales and whether or not you believe in one of the more sinister interpretations of this story that have come out in recent years, you’ll know the version contained in the Brothers Grimm compendium. This story of a wolf usurping the role of a young girl’s grandmother, only to be saved by a woodsman after a bit of cheeky dialogue, forms the basis for this exclusive Paddy Power Games slot.

This is a very well designed slot machine. You’ve got an absolutely lovely looking set of reel symbols that include all the well-worn motifs from the story, including the woodsman’s axe, the grandmother’s house and the wig and glasses which the villainous wolf wears in order to try to trick Little Red Riding Hood. This is all set out in a background that features a bed-room scene complete with flickering candles – the very place where our heroine comes face to face with the lupine menace.

The soundtrack to Little Red Riding Hood also has a touch of magic to it’s tones. The ambient melody plays a haunting tune that almost gives you a slight eerie feeling, adding to the atmosphere and edge of the game. The reel activation noise is straight from a fairy’s wand however, complete with tinklingly icy sound effects that help to set the scene.

Let’s take a look at the nuts and bolts of the Little Red Riding Hood slot. You’re looking at a fixed forty pay-line structure that gives you loads of chances to win over the specially extended grid. Whilst with many five reel slots you only get fifteen stop spaces in view, here you get an extra row of symbols, giving you a total of twenty to accommodate the game’s big pay-line structure.

This machine uses the evil wolf as the wild symbol. Unlike Little Red Riding Hood you’ll be glad to see this monster on the reels as it helps you complete your combinations to achieve prize paying results. It appears in what’s known to the trade as stacks, which are vertical clusters of symbols that appear on a single reel. These give you the power to make multiple winning combos of different symbols off a spin and hold the key to getting your teeth into a huge pile of cash.

There’s a cheeky bonus waiting on the reels of the Little Red Riding Hood slot machine. If you can stop in the magic picnic basket that our heroine carries to her grandmother’s anywhere on the grid, then you’ll find yourself walking away with a prize that’s guaranteed to be between 5x and 15x your total stake amount. This is a great little bonus feature that balances the big pay-line and stacked wilds structure of the base game.

With so much action packed into the reels of Little Red Riding Hood, you’d almost forgive the developers for not including a classic bonus game. Well, there’s no reason for you to pull out your sympathy as they’ve only gone and included a special free spin game, activated when you hit three of the signature Little Red scatters which sees you grabbing a whopping 15-22 free spins.

When you take your free spins, you get a chance to earn even more cash as every subsequent win you stop in on the reels, no matter how big or small it is, will earn you an additional multiplier on the next spin. Is there any end to the cash this slot machine wants to spit out at you?

Slot Professor Says

My word. To say I'm impressed with Little Red Riding Hood would be a bit of an understatement. I could say 'oh slot-mama' (I know, a terrible pun) 'what big wins you have', and I wouldn't be lying. Since this awesome, lupine inspired slot machine first made its snarling way onto the Paddy Power Games roster it's been one of the most played titles, alongside classics like Cleopatra and Rainbow Riches.

As my friends have mentioned in the review, this game is very similar to IGT's Wolf Run, which bodes the question – if these two titles are so alike, then why is Little Red Riding Hood getting so much more attention. Well, the first reason is that the graphics and sonics are simply streets ahead. This is one machine that really embraces the player with a high quality gaming experience. The second reason is that the free spin round is so much better – you get a whole load of spins on Little Red Riding Hood compared to the piddly five available on Wolf Run – moonlit reels or no moonlit reels.

Hence I'm not playing Wolf Run any more. There is a new alpha dog in town and its name is Little Red Riding Hood. This is a fantastically good game that deserves all the attention it's getting and I for one and going to spin it again and again. In fact, I'm off to Paddy Power Games to give it a razz right now.