Ghost Rider

Ride like a bat out of hell on your way to some absolutely heaven-sent wins on the revving reels of the supercharged Ghost Rider slot machine.

Ghost Rider Features

  1. Another fantastic Marvel slot from the genius developers at Playtech
  2. Spooky sounds and grim graphics to keep your eyes and ears pinned to the reels
  3. Superb adaptation of the classic cult movie that stars Nicholas Cage
  4. Reel equity system allows activation of the second screen game
  5. Earn money shot-gunning ghosts out of the sky on your Harley Davison
  6. Scatter activated free spin round gives triple multiplier and expanding wilds

Ghost Rider is another one of Playtech’s Marvel slot machines. It seems like these guys aren’t going to rest until they’ve explored every angle of this license, although it does seem like they’re currently sticking with the plan of making slot machine tie-ins to films.

Ghost Rider, a production starring internet favourite Nicholas Cage, was a film that didn’t really do too well at the box office, which was probably down to the fact that this hero is one of the more obscure characters in the Marvel pantheon. However, the slot machine game is a whole lot more interesting.

In terms of the graphics, like all Playtech Marvel slot machines, Ghost Rider is a really good looking game that’s got it going on. The reels are shrouded with a suitably dark background and there’s something of the fire and brimstone about the whole production.

Musically, Playtech have hit the nail right on the head with the audio production on Ghost Rider. This is a spooky slot machine that’s packed full of strange tones, guttural noises and low voodoo-like drum beat, creating just the right kind of scary atmosphere to go with your spins.

The only criticism we’ve got to make of this game is that the spin noise is quite generic and the alert effects, which sound like something out of a Las Vegas casino, don’t really fit in with the them of the game.

Why couldn’t we have had some demonic laughter when you hit a big win for a change Playtech?

The base game in Ghost Rider uses a twenty pay-line structure that’s spread over a standard five reel casino slot set up. In addition to the regular symbols on the reels you get a bonus scatter in the form of the Ghost Rider signature symbol, a motorbike that gives access to the second screen feature and a rather cool red skull wild that will help you out by substituting where-ever possible to help you make your prize winning combinations.

When you hit one of the red motorbike symbols in the middle stop space on any reel, a red fiery outline will appear, surrounding the reel. When you activate this on all five of Ghost Rider’s reels you’re taken to the special second screen Ghost Hunt bonus.

Here you get to play as Ghost Rider, sitting atop his hog, gunning it down a lonely, late night highway whilst ghosts attack you from left and right.

You get to shoot down these silly spectres for straight cash rewards, but don’t worry – there’s no skill involved here, all you have to do is click the mouse, kill the spook and get the money – you can’t fail.

Next up is the free spin bonus round. This is activated when you hit three of the special Ghost Rider signature scatters anywhere in view, taking you to a special second set of reels. Here the motorbike symbol has been removed from play – you cannot access the second screen game from this feature, but now all the Ghost Rider flaming skull wilds are expanding wilds.

When you hit one of these symbols in place it will grow to fill the upper and lower stop spaces around it, greatly adding to this feature’s payout potential. You can even re-trigger this bonus round to add a further ten free spins to your count.

The final piece in the Ghost Rider jigsaw puzzle is the special Marvel jackpots game, where you can win one of four different sized power prizes.. This can be activated at any time, following any spin on the game’s reels – and this doesn’t have to be any kind of winning spin.

When you’ve hit this feature, you’re take to a special second screen grid game where you have to uncover prize icons one by one.

As soon as you hit three of a kind, you’re awarded the jackpot appropriate for that level – the lower the jackpot, the more icons there are for it on the grid – so you’re more likely to come away with one of the smaller prizes than the big money, but the chances is always there.

Slot Professor Says


I have to admit that I am quite a fan of Ghost Rider. Whilst at face value this machine seems like quite an ordinary slot, not offering that much more than many other titles in this market, where I really think it wins is in the payouts. The second screen bonus game triggers quite frequently, giving you loads of chances to take home some great cash from this skill game on wheels, and guess what? There's something that's actually very satisfying about taking out flying undead spectres with a click of your mouse.

Of course, Ghost Rider is not a game that's ever going to set the world alight. It lacks the really loveable theme that you get with Rainbow Riches and the play mechanisms simply don't have the same depth as you'll find from titles like Monopoly Plus and Thunderstruck II, with many of the newer Playtech Marvel slots, such as The Avengers and Iron Man III actually making this machine look quite basic. Still, the graphics are high quality and the sound effects are on point and if you are tired of all that cute casino cartoon styled action that seems to dominate around 80% of the titles that feature in this market then Ghost Rider is a welcome break from all that sugar coated gloopiness.

So in summation, what's my view on the best way to play this machine? Well Ghost Rider is one of those great slots that you can play any way you damn well like. You don't have to worry too much about getting into the bonuses here as the wins available from the reels are pretty damn sexy and the pay-table ain't half bad either – this hasn't been compromised by the free spin bonus round multiplier mechanism, giving you the opportunity to take it on home at any stage of the game.