Fun Fair


Roll up, roll up, roll up it’s time to get into the big five reel circus and experience all the joy of the Fun Fair slot machine

  • Great blend of graphics and music
  • Low cost spin let’s you really get involved in session play
  • Free spin round with big money multipliers
  • Choice of second screen games to blow your mind

Everyone loves a good old-fashioned fun-fair. These travelling shows still go up and down the country today, wowing families and friends with their electronic brand of excitement and unhealthy, but extremely tasty food-stuffs.

I’m going to have a personal moment of nostalgia here as we actually played our first ever slots at fun-fairs, giving us an immediate attachment to the Fun Fair machine, which is another awesome exclusive at Paddy Power Games.

Fun Fair is a fine looking slot machine that’s embraces the processing power of the modern computer. You’ve got everything you’d associate with the carnival crowd hanging around in the game’s background, including an old school popcorn machine and a Barnum like showman, complete with stove-pipe hat, which really helps to set the scene. The reels are packed with all the classic icons of the fair, including symbols based on both rides and side-show games.

One thing we really love about the Fun Fair slot machine is the music. The developers have really gone to town here, drawing on such well known classics as Entry of the Gladiators (that’s the famous circus music to you and me) for inspiration, which sets the scene perfectly here, immersing the player in a very high atmosphere indeed.

The Fun Fair base game comes in a familiar package. You’ve got ten pay-lines stretched across the game’s five reel casino slot set up, which are all available for a fixed bet, with no adjustments allowed. This is perfect as it keeps the spin cost low, while still giving you chances to hit the big time pay outs for certain symbol combinations. You’ve also got two specials here to help you get down to winning ways.

Remember that showman we were talking about with the stove-pipe hat? Well this charming man also appears on the game’s reels as the wild symbol. Stop five of these in on any active pay-line to receive the top pay-out of 10,000x your stake. The second symbol, which we’ll discuss a bit more in the next section is the bonus scatter- three of which gives you the bonus game.

As we mentioned, if you manage to stop in three of the special golden starred bonus scatters then you’ll be in for all the fun of this fair, with a choice of not one, but five amazing feature rounds. These include free spins, where the middle reel is turned completely wild for ten spins of the reels. Next you can win cash with balloon darts where popping these brightly coloured inflatables will earn you cash prizes.

Similar fun is available in the classic duck shooting bonus, which features the classic tin track with moving fowl for your blasting pleasure. There’s also a cash cascade game (you know, those penny drop games with the steps that move backwards and forwards) known as the coin bulldozer. For those will muscles, you can play the strongman game and try to Ring the Bell for rewards, but our favourite bonus here has to be the Slots That Always Win, for obvious reasons.

Fun Fair is a slot machine that does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s not only stacked with loads of winning opportunities on the reels, but it also gives you a whole load of action in the bonus rounds. With a low spin cost and some big prizes on offer, this is one game where, more often than not, you can walk away with a pocket full of cash. The only problem you’ll have is whether to spend your winnings on a belly full of cotton candy or a ride on the dodgems.

Slot Professor Says


Fun Fair is a great slot machine. It's got everything you could possibly want in terms of graphics and game-play and is very well put together. I am totally enthralled by the amount of win in the reels, and the bonus games are more than enough to keep anyone coming back time and time again for more action.

Can I find a fault with Fun Fair? If there's one thing I don't like about it's action it's possibly the fact that there are so many damn bonus games here and it might be better with less, or a couple of extremely well done games. What ever happened to the fruit machine style features where you used to get a bonus game that would take you to bonus games... I think Fun Fair might have benefited from something a little like that.

However, I digress from my point, which is that Fun Fair is quite simply a lot of fun. It reminds me of those days of my youth when I used to spend a lot of time punting my change into fair ground one armed bandits and for that reason, I'm giving it a great big thumbs up.