Elvis the King


Please Note: It looks like IGT have discontinued this slot game. If you’re still looking for some Elvis-based slot action, we recommend you try the ‘Elvis The King Lives‘ slot game by WMS.

Get All Shook Up with the Viva Las Vegas feature in the superb IGT based Elvis The King Slot Machine. This is another slot that pays homage to one of Las Vegas’s greatest ever entertainers.

Elvis Slot Features

  1. Original Elvis Presley artwork and music sets the Las Vegas scene
  2. Second screen ‘pick a win’ Heartbreak Hotel feature
  3. All Shook Up free spin bonus features Tumbling Reels
  4. Viva Las Vegas free spin bonus features roaming wild
  5. Burning Love has the power to turn 1-3 reels completely wild
  6. Jukebox bonus picker gives access to all three bonus rounds

Get All Shook Up with the Viva Las Vegas feature in the superb IGT slot machine Elvis The King.

Elvis The King is another slot machine that pays homage to one of Las Vegas’s greatest ever entertainers. It’s got the young, healthy Elvis Presley hanging round on the reels, making this a top title for the ladies and if you like the man’s music, then you’ll be in seventh heaven right here.

The base-game is made up of a fairly standard 25 pay-line structure. There’s wilds and scatters as you’d expect, but you have to pay an additional 15 coin premium to spin the reels of this slot, which according to IGT is spent on features. We’re not quite sure as to how this works, but none the less that’s the way the machine breaks. In defence of this extra cost there are a lot of features for us to take a look at, which is what Elvis the King is all about.

The Burning Love reel feature can happen at any time. This is the reel bonus in Elvis The King and it’s the only one of the game’s features that isn’t accessed through the golden TCB scatter. The first you’ll see of this randomly awarded bonus feature is flames down the sides of the middle reels. Elvis himself will then make one of his classic appearances on the reels and will turn between one and three reels completely wild. This can sometimes add a big boost to your combinations, but sometimes it falls a bit short, especially when it only effects late reels. Still a good bonus none the less and a nice surprise when it hits.

When you hit three of the golden TCB scatters in Elvis The King these will turn into golden coins and will flip into the coin-slot in the top right corner of the jukebox background. This takes you to the special jukebox bonus picker. Here you’ll get to pick one of a number of records, which will decide the bonus feature you’ll be playing.

The Heartbreak Hotel bonus is the second screen feature on Elvis the King. When you select the feature you’ll be awarded a number of hearts. These are the lives you take into the game, where you’ll be ascending the floors of the famous hotel in a lift. On each floor there’s seven doors and you have to pick one.

If you pick a girl, you’ll be awarded her multiplier and its on to the next floor. If you can choose the one door that Elvis himself is hiding behind then you win the multipliers behinds all the other doors. However, if you pick a broken heart, you’ll lose a life, but still get a multiplier, and will have to pick another door.

The higher you reach in the hotel, the more broken hearts hide behind the doors. If you can get all the way to the top floor then you’ll receive a whopping 5000 credit bonus. We love the different coloured carpets on each floor of this bonus game and when you reach the penthouse, you really do feel like you’ve arrived somewhere special. Although it sounds a bit basic and perhaps even simple, The Heartbreak Hotel round really is a lot of fun as its a great payer.

The second bonus, and the first of Elvis The King’s free spin rounds is the All Shook Up bonus. The number of free spins you take into this round is given to you when you select this feature. It acts like a normal free spin round, except for the fact it utilises IGT’s famous Tumbling Reel technology. This is where winning combinations disappear, leaving space on the grid for more symbols to drop into, which in turn can form new winning combinations. Every time you hit a subsequent combination with the Tumbling Reels feature you’ll light up a letter of the word ELVIS. If you can put his whole name into lights then you’ll receive the jackpot award for this feature.

Finally, the last bonus is the Viva Las Vegas free spin bonus, which in many ways is the best feature available on Elvis The King, in our modest opinion. Here you get a set number of free spins to take into the round. There’s a so called wandering wild reel, which moves about as the reels spin then stick into place turning a whole reel wild for that spin. Needless to say this can help bring in the big pays. There’s also a new symbol added to the reels in the form of the poker chip. These can be collected to give you more free spins and if you collect the maximum amount of chips then you’ll win the jackpot.

Slot Professor Says


Finally, after the fiascos that are Elvis Multi-Strike and Elvis: A Little Less Conversation we've finally got an Elvis themed slot that's more than worth playing. It's got everything you could want in terms of graphics and the sound is quite simply crystal clear.

When you get into the bonus rounds and the signature tunes play you simply can't help rocking about in your chair. This is especially true when you hit the Viva Las Vegas bonus. One thing I really don't understand about Elvis The King is the 40 coin bet for lines and features. I'm so incensed about this I've been considering actually writing a letter to the head honcho down at IGT just to ask him what's going on here.

When has anyone ever had to pay an additional amount for features? These should just be considered part of the standard reel price. I don't like this one little bit. You pay a set bet amount for each pay-line, that's how it works. These fixed pay-line machines are beginning to take the mickey and whilst I like this game on the whole, I don't get the extra charge.

I hope Elvis the King isn't the herald of a new age where pay-lines aren't properly linked to bets. Ultimately this is quite a low paying slot game. It is fun and it has got a little more action and as far as video slots go, if it's the look, sounds and feel that you're into then you've got a great title on your hands. However, I have sneaking feeling that you're only here for the pay-out like the rest of us and on that basis, we've got to say that if you're looking for a monarch machine, then you'll have to look beyond the reels of Elvis The King.