Egyptian Wilds


The Egyptian Wilds Slot Machine is another pyramid and pharaoh based game. There are a host of Egyptian themed slot machines out there and those who love their action with a little splash of hieroglyphs won’t be disappointed by this awesome machine.

Egyptian Wilds Slot Features

  1. Highly original take on the classic Egyptian slot formula
  2. Big wins in the bonus round with a free spin win bonanza
  3. Sticky wilds add to the prize paying chances on every spin
  4. 1980’s kitsch gaming cabinet feel
  5. Innovative blend of sounds and visuals giving the game a big atmosphere

Apparently Paddy Power have taken a look at the Egyptian Wilds machine and decided that it’s far too good to share with other casinos. Yes, this slot is completely exclusive to the Irish bookmaker’s games section and you won’t find it anywhere else. Does this mean that you should be hurrying over to this impressive online operator to open an account? You bet your bottom dollar it does, as this is one fine slot machine that just about manages to do everything right.

Egyptian Wilds gives you a set ten pay-line grid on which you place a single bet. This is a nice simple structure that allows you to bet as little as a you like on a spin. However, whilst this is a very low cost machine, it’s also a low variance game, so the line awards aren’t huge and it likes to pay out lots of smaller prizes as opposed to a big, bad winner once in a blue moon.

The grid for Egyptian Wilds is set in a monolithic looking stone block, reminiscent of the temples at Karnak and some of the masonry you’ll find in the great planes of Giza. Gaze off further into the background and you’ll notice tropical trees set in a desert landscape which really does set the scene for this impressive machine. The actual reels of the game are draped in the de rigeur golden symbols that have become a hallmark for this brand of themed slot, with ankhs and scarabs, two of the most important religious icons for this ancient people, paying out the biggest prizes.

The Egyptian Wilds sonics are equally good, with a haunting desert melody playing in the background whilst you take your spins, which are accompanied by a strong melodic sound effect set when each reel stops in.

The black cat wild symbol that features on the reels of Egyptian Wilds has a little bit more bite than your regular wild. Stop it in anywhere on the grid and it will stay in place for between 2 – 6 spins, which is denoted by a small number that’ll appear in the top right hand corner of the symbol. Needless to say when you start filling the reels up with these so called ‘sticky wilds’ you’ll also start filling up your pockets full of winnings too.

Egyptian Wilds unsurprisingly features a free spin game. This seems to be the standard for this type of themed slot ever since Cleopatra and Queen of the Nile where conceived in a Las Vegas development lab all those years ago. We’re not complaining mind you as this machine features a very good version of this classic bonus round.

All you need to do to activate the free spin round is hit two of the golden mask scatters. That’s right, you only need two specials to get yourself ten free spins on this machine’s reels. This gives you an awesome ten free spins, with the sticky cat wilds still active, which gives you a chance to really rack up the big money prizes.

Slot Professor Says


When I first heard about Egyptian Wilds I must admit that my mood sunk that little bit. “Not another bloomin' pyramid themed reeler” was my initial thought. With a heart so heavy it would fail to pass the underworld test of Maat, goddess of judgement who decides whether or not you get into Egyptian heaven, I gave it a spin.

Talk about out of the darkness and into the light. When I actually got my hands on this slot and started spinning, I was more than impressed with the wins and action, which come wrapped up in a nostalgic video cabinet structure that takes me back to the gaming days of my youth. The sticky wilds here make a really decent change to the classic Cleopatra format (they've obviously dropped the triple paying spins) giving you the chance to push Egyptian Wilds on some exciting streaks.

I was really impressed by Egyptian Wilds. This is a low cost game that gives you a lot of action for your money. It's a deceptively simple game that's full of neat little tricks, like the music that plays when you hit a really big win. I've played loads of machines, both online and at land based casinos, and you can take our word for it when I say this is definitely a slot that's worth a punt.