Da Vinci Diamonds

Da Vinci Diamonds Features

  • Paint up the reel wins with the dazzling diamonds
  • Double up the wins with multiplier wild symbol
  • Additional scatter symbols add to the madness of the free spin game
  • Leonardo’s classical artwork for reel symbols

Da Vinci is the first slot game that made players rich by smashing their jewels with its innovative tumbling reels feature.

Experience all the thrills and spills from the time of such greats as Machiavelli and Michelangelo. The Da Vinci Diamonds Slot is a game that’s caused a renaissance in the way we play slots today, giving us the great tumbling Reels feature.

Tumbling reels see small wins on the reels explode, disappearing from view and leaving gaps into which the symbols above can drop into. This allows players to get multiple wins off a single spin, known in the trade as cascades.

This mechanism will amuse the audience in a visual feast that’s said to equal the Sistine Chapel, adding to the excitement of every ornate reel movement. Da Vinci Diamonds has certainly caused a revolution, not only on its own reels, but also one in slot game design, as this concept has gone on to inspire a number of slots with similar mechanics.

The reel game on Da Vinci Diamonds is as well balanced as a perfectly composed portrait. This is a slot that doesn’t rely too heavily on stringing players along with a boring reel game whilst you have to wait for a huge heart-stopping bonus round.

Da Vinci Diamonds can always surprise, just like the streets of 15th century Florence, with even the smallest of wins opening up a rich seam of dazzling goodness with the tumbling reels feature.

Factor in the wild multiplier that can substitute for any other symbol, together with the re-filling reels and you’ve got a great gambling opportunity. However, whilst the wins and prizes offered are always sparkling, the game could have better animations and sound.

You’d expect a slot themed on one of the greatest artists of all time to have great reel art and backgrounds and whilst this slot is adequate in this area just a little more effort in the game’s musical score would have made this a truly classic slot.

As you’d expect with a slot that’s so heavily weighted on the reels, Da Vinci Diamonds keeps you engrossed with the spinning symbols for its bonus round. Score in three or more scatters to take you into the free spin round. Here you’ll be playing on a special second set of reels, which are packed with even more wild symbols giving you loads of chances to hit those big combination wins.

The free spins can be reactivated straight from this bonus game, where you can score up to 300 free spins, which no doubt will leave you as rich as you’d be if you’d just auctioned off a slot game designed by the great Leonardo himself.


Slot Professor Says


Slot games come and slot games go, just like the renaissance. Ideas that can look new and bright can fade with time. You could argue that a master like Da Vinci never fades with time, but I'm not talking about master artists here, I'm talking about slot games.

Whilst it’s good that slots can draw on computer games - as Da Vinci Diamonds has clearly been inspired by games such as Tetris and Bejewelled, other slots have already looked at the evolution of this formula and come up with tweaks.

You may enjoy this game for posterity, but as the market adapts to the possibilities of new reel features and slots and there are now so many better slots out there that don’t have the wobbly reel animation or the irritating tinkling audio sounds that allegedly capture the sounds of exploding jewels at the heart of the reels.

You can now play grid style slots that feature both a standard reel game and an exploding combination reel reload, so you could argue that this gimmick has been done to death in a number of better ways. Da Vinci Diamonds was a great slot in its day, and is still a well-balanced machine that offers a huge deal of excitement in the bonus free spin rounds and is definitely worth a spin for posterity. If you’re looking to find a slot to really sink your Italian wine stained teeth into, we’d suggest you look to more modern masterpieces.