Cleopatra 2

  • Follow on slot from the superb original Cleopatra slot game
  • Doesn’t break from a winning formula with similar Egyptian themed reel art and sounds
  • Enhanced audio with even more sultry whispers from the ancient queen of Egypt
  • Choose your spins with second screen selection before entering free spin round
  • Incremental free spin round gives you even more chances to win it big
  • Re-activate your free spins with the scatter for a chance to hit fifty spins with a 50x multiplier

Just in case you hadn’t worked it out, Cleopatra II is the successor slot to the massively, massively popular IGT Cleopatra slot game. This new take on the classic formula improves the artwork and the sonics of the original, taking all the elements and just tweaking them that little bit to create one another one of the best slot games of all time.

In our opinion this game is just that little bit better than the first Cleo game, although there must be thousands of players who would disagree with us. It really depends on how you like your action and what you’re looking for from a slot.

We would say (without wanting to steal too much of the professor’s thunder) that this is a game for the more experienced jockey who wants to ride it all out on a glorious bonus round, whereas the original Cleopatra slot is better for the novice player who needs to be reassured with constant reel wins and the chance to top up the bankroll levels in the bonus game.

The first thing you’ll notice when you load up a game of Cleopatra II is the lack of symbols when compared with its predecessor. Cleopatra II only uses eight symbols in total, and sacrifices the original hieroglyphs to the god symbols of Anubis, Bastet and Horus. The original classic Cleopatra poker symbols are still present, as well as the Sphinx scatter, which gives you access to the game’s free spin round and the legendary Cleopatra wild multiplier.

Before you enter the classic Cleopatra free spin round, you’ll be treated to a second screen, where you get to find out how many spins you’ll be taking into the bonus round. Here you’re treated to a choice of three delightfully shaped caskets, with each one containing a different number of free spins. Chose your box carefully or with careless abandon, it doesn’t make any difference, your number of spins is revealed, and you’re off to the free spin round.

The free spin round in Cleopatra II differs substantially from that of the original Cleopatra slot, and this is where the real changes have been made. Here you take your free spins from the second screen selection process and cash them in on the game’s specially enhanced reels. In the first Cleopatra slot you were given a straight 3x multiplier on all wins, barring the jackpot.

Now with Cleopatra II, you’re given an incremental multiplier where the number of spins equals a multiplier that’s applied to any wins you achieve on that spin. So when you’re on the seventh spin, the multiplier applied to the reel wins is 7x.

Here you can reactivate the free spins bonus by stopping in thee or more Sphinxes anywhere in view, although you’re not taken to a second screen here, but rather just gifted with an additional 10 free spins up to a maximum of 50 free spins. No doubt you’ve already realised this gives you the chance of scoring a massive 50x multiplier on your last free spin for an ‘on the edge of your seat’ experience.

Slot Professor Says


As much as I loved the original Cleopatra game, like a fickle boyfriend, I love its younger sister slot even more. I used to take my time in the night to steal away from Cleopatra and the riches that hide within its big triple paying free spin round and go to the bosom of this younger slot for its incremental free spin round.

Ultimately, I am a slots player because I am a gambler and an experienced slot player and skilled gambler at that. Cleopatra II presents the player with more chances to get onto the free spin game and then when you’re on the free spin game, you’ve got so many more chances to win it big. So now we get down to the hard facts. Most of you players out there who know just enough mathematics to get you into trouble, but not enough to make your own slot games will see that most of the money, as they say, has been stacked here on the bonus game.

Thus I’d say if you’re not playing this slot to get into the bonus round then you should go back to your three-reel baby slots or hurry back down the pub where you can blame your fruity losses on being drunk, as you need a strategy with Cleopatra II that’s going to insure you make your way into the big paying free spin round.