Cleopatra Mega Jackpot


Cleopatra Mega Jackpot Features

  • All the thrills and spills of the brilliant Cleopatra slot
  • Wide area progressive slot that takes in thousands of credits every minute
  • Bet the maximum in order to qualify for the game’s big jackpot
  • Megajackpots symbol not only acts as wild but also doubles all wins
  • Drop in five Megajackpots symbols on the central pay-line for the big money

Unlike Cleopatra II, this slot is the true successor to the mighty Cleopatra. The original slot, with its wild multiplier and free spin round was such a success that the IGT boys decided to hype it up and make a Megajackpots version of this game.

As you’ll know from my history of slots section, IGT were one of the first companies to come up with a wide area progressive slot, the Megabucks machines, and the Megajackpots games are a clear evolution of these historical titles. Only the best slot games get to make it into the Megajackpots club, and we’ll no doubt be seeing some new additions to this family down the line.

Everything you loved about the original Cleopatra machine is here. From the sumptuous graphical excellence that includes a beautiful backdrop and ornate, golden symbol encrusted reels, through to the seductive, sultry, sexy sounds of Cleopatra herself whispering your hopes and dreams of the reel game action, it’s all here.

The only difference you’ll really notice between this game and the original title is the substitution of the Cleopatra wild symbol, which doubles the value of any combination it appears in, with the Megajackpots symbol. This does all the same things as the game’s original wild, as well as holding the key to scoring in the big money.

The only thing to remember about Cleopatra Megajackpots is that no matter what your coin size is, you’ve got to bet the maximum in order for your spin to have a chance of winning the top prize. If you don’t bet the max, then you’ll simply get the standard Cleopatra jackpot if the five Megajackpots symbols fall into place on the game’s central pay-line.

If you are betting the max, then it’s happy days and you’ll win the Megajackpots prize, which is displayed at the top of the slot game.

The free spin game from the original Cleopatra is still here in all its glory. You can still activate this bonus round by stopping in the three or more of the red-eyed sphinx symbols, which give you the obligatory fifteen free spins with all wins on the reels trebled.

You can still reactivate the free spin round from within itself by hitting another three or more sphinxes giving you a chance to win up to a massive 180 spins.

All your spins take place on the specially enhanced Cleopatra Megajackpots reels where you play your free spins using the stake you were playing at when the feature was activated.

That’s right, if you were betting the max amount when you hit the free spin sphinxes then every single free spin gives you a chance of hitting that Megajackpots prize. However, as you’ve probably guessed, it’s the only prize from this round that’s not trebled.

If you do win the big money on Cleopatra Megajackpots, don’t worry, they’re not going to shower you with so much cash you don’t know what to do with it (as if that was ever really one of your concerns) as you’re paid the amount in yearly instalments, giving you a chance to get used to the cash and the casino a chance to allow the money to depreciate in value. However, we’re sure you won’t mind this slight loss of wealth if you win several million pounds.

Slot Professor Says


Sometimes I wish I’d been born at the time of Cleopatra, so I could have had my moment in the sun and courted this great lady. If I’d have been Julius Caesar then I would have treated her a lot better than he did, and then hopefully when history pays me my dues I’d make it on to the reels of the Cleopatra slot games as a bonus multiplier, or if I’d been really good, maybe some kind of special scatter. I mean, after all, how many people in this modern digital age really remember Julius Caesar? Don’t most people think he was the bloke who founded the famous casino in Las Vegas?

If Caesar had of played his cards right (or rather his reels right) then he surely would be as well remembered as Cleopatra is today, especially by slot freaks like myself. I love Cleopatra Megajackpots, but then I love all the Megajackpots slots. All of these beautifully designed IGT classics offer you a chance to win the big money. Many people out there say that there is no point playing a Megajackpots slot unless you’re going to pay for the maximum bet.

Well, I’d argue from the other side of the fence and say if you’re going to play the standard Cleopatra machine at the maximum level you might as well play the Cleopatra Megajackpots game in order to give yourself a chance of hitting the big money prize. You know what they say, if you don’t buy a ticket, you won’t win the lottery. Well, what a load of balderdash that is - I’d say you’ve got as much chance of finding the winning lottery ticket on the street as you have of winning the lottery. The thing is, you don’t find slot spins on massive progressive slots anywhere other than slot machines like Cleopatra Megajackpots, so what are you waiting for?