Arabian Riches


The Arabian Riches Slot Machine  is one of the smaller slot machines on offer from IGT. Employing an Middle Eastern flavour that summons up images of Scheherazade telling stories at the Shah’s court, Arabian Riches is a fully authentic slot game that presents a playing experience that’s similar to the original 1890’s reel machines.

Arabian Riches Features

  • Economic slot game good for small bankrolls and budgets
  • Very well executed Arabian theme comes complete with excellent sonics and graphics
  • Bet more coins for increased odds on the best prizes
  • Fast paced reel game that spins with non stop action
  • Classic slot machine symbols including bars and lucky 7s

The game is set in a superb background that makes the reels part of the awning on a shop that could be from any Sumerian bazaar. The reel symbols are just as you would expect, featuring magic carpets and genie’s lamps alongside the more traditional single, double and triple bar symbols that all need to line up perfectly on the game’s single central pay-line in order for you to win prizes.

Be aware however, Arabian Riches is a slot game where the reel symbols can completely miss the pay-line leaving you with a blank for that stop space, which will often void your chances of a win. This slot game also displays superb animation and sonics with a great rumbling sound as each reel comes to rest giving this game an awesome old school feel.

You can bet one to three coins on the game’s central pay-line. With the lower value combination wins this doesn’t really matter as three coins simply pay three times the single coin prize. However, when you look at the top prizes the game offers, two coins on the pay-line actually pays 2.5x the single coin value with three coins paying 5x the same prize – thus you’ll want to bet big here to maximise your winnings from the game. This is a simple slot game that offers some great opportunities to win good prizes without the outlay of the bigger ten plus line slots, whilst still providing a highly polished fun slot gaming experience.

Slot Professor Says


There are rumours all over the internet that Arabian Riches was withdrawn from IGT’s slot machine catalogue in order to keep their game servers free for the bigger, more popular titles they produce such as Da Vinci Diamonds and Cleopatra.

However, after a quick search at some of the top online gaming destinations we’ve found Arabian Riches more than available at a number internet casinos, thus quashing these rumours.

Arabian Riches, like many of the other smaller slot games that are available today often gets a bad rap as people feel that the downsized reels and decreased bet sizes somehow mean that the game is not as lucrative as its bigger cousins. However the truth is that you’re wagering a much smaller amount, so wins are the still are just as good when compared to the amount you’re betting, making slots like Arabian Riches brilliant for the small bank balance or casino bank roll.

However small your roll, we would like to point out that there are definite bonuses for playing Arabian Riches at the max bet amount. This is especially true when you consider that there are better prizes available for playing this slot at the three coin level – make sure you maximise your win from every spin.